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So I Fell for Bigfoot

So I Fell for Bigfoot

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I’m The Mating Game's biggest fan, but I never dreamed that my gothic cupcake self would make it on the show. Then I won my own episode. I’m so excited to go on stage and pick a hot shifter who is ready to woo me.
Just one problem.
During a delay in filming my episode, I had a fantastic encounter in the mountains that included an avalanche and a steamy night with a smokin’ hot sasquatch. Yes, you read that right. Bigfoot himself. Now I’m not sure I want to go on camera anymore.
Show host and fairy dragmother Bibi le Bonnet wants me to reconsider. She thinks a total life makeover is in order to turn this superfan into a superstar.
I’ll get three questions.
Things were hot and heavy between Lars and me that night, but could this be more than a fling? Am I ready to leave my city life behind for this mountain man? And is it bad that I prefer his furry form? (Please say it’s not.)
Three potential suitors.
Lars isn’t the only beast with his eye on me. Who knew I’d be so popular? It’s a fan girl’s dream come true. But are they after me, or Lars?
And three dates to find my forever.
Lars is an immortal widower, still pining away over his lost mate. He’s blissfully unaware of modern human life. The dates he chooses are a literal breath of fresh air, and I’m having so much fun introducing him to my favorite things and getting to experience them for the first time all over again through his eyes.
But when word gets out that a creature thought to be mythical has been sighted in Sunset Springs, ancient secrets are exposed, long-forgotten creatures come back to settle a score, and being in the spotlight becomes more exciting and dangerous than I ever imagined.

Main Tropes

  • Bigfoot hero
  • Fangirl fantasy
  • Opposites attract
  • Fabulous fairy dragmother
  • Ancient Artifacts in Play
  • Fuzzy Monster romance
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