Reading Order

Kristen, where the heck do I start? 

Book one of any series is a great place to start reading my books! If you read more than one of my series, you're sure to see some familiar characters and settings make reappearances. 

How do they all connect?

I have two main universes: The Real Werewives (which includes all Real Werewives series and The Mating Game) and The Sawtooth Universe (which includes Sawtooth Shifters, The Real Werewives of Sawtooth Forest, and Three Wolves for Christmas).  These universes overlap as well, and the chronological timeline of all my stories is listed below.

Smoky Mountain Dragons is not attached to any of the other series...yet. Enjoy the dragons at any time. 

Happy reading! 

Sawtooth Shifters

  • Her Captive Wolf
  • Her Guardian Wolf
  • Her Renegade Wolf
  • Her Christmas Wolf
  • Her Spellbound Wolf
  • Her Fated Wolf

The Real Werewives of Alaska

  • Running Wild
  • Silver Fox
  • Catching the Vixen
  • Wildcat
  • Playing to Win
  • Intercepting Christmas

The Real Werewives of Sawtooth Forest

  • Claimed by the Rogue Wolf
  • Trained by the Rogue Wolf
  • Protected by the Rogue Wolf
  • Seduced by the Rogue Wolf
  • Mastered by the Rogue Wolf

The Real Werewives of Colorado

  • 30 Day Mate
  • Midlife Mate
  • Second Chance Mate
  • Instant Mate
  • Rebel Mate
  • Surprise Mate
  • Reclaimed Mate

The Mating Game

  • So I Married a Werewolf
  • So I Won a Werelion
  • So I Claimed a Polar Bear
  • So I Fell for Bigfoot (Coming SOON!)

Three Wolves for Christmas

  • The Wolf of Christmas Past
  • The Wolf of Christmas Present
  • The Wolf of Christmas Future

Smoky Mountain Dragons

  • Love Spell
  • Midsummer Spell
  • Harvest Spell
  • Samhain Spell
  • Yule Spell

Standalone books

  • Chase the Moon (Mountain Mermaids Shared World)
  • Fire Brand (Fated and Forbidden Shared World)

Books Currently in Kindle Unlimited:

  • Wanton for the Wolven King (Monsters Ball Shared World)

The Royal Omegas (With P. Jameson)

  • His Forbidden Omega
  • His Defiant Omega
  • His Rebellious Omega
  • His Captive Omega
  • His Outlaw Omegas