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Her Guardian Wolf

Her Guardian Wolf

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I asked my bodyguard wolf to read me a bedtime story…

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who grew up in a man’s world. Surrounded by her brothers, she joined the Army the first chance she got. But after a bomb blast changed everything, she’s not sure where she belongs anymore.

That little girl is me.

Now I’m working at Forever Home animal shelter as part of my rehabilitation for my PTSD. It’s there I met a werewolf that sees me like no one else ever has. Baron and I have a lot in common. All his family has known is war, and a rival pack has them at their mercy.

Those rival wolves think they can use my coworkers and me as pawns. Oh, hell no.

Baron’s been assigned to protect me. That means he guards my apartment at night, and reads me bedtime stories to keep my mind off the shifter war. He’s tired of violence too, but he’ll fight harder than he ever has to make sure I get my happily ever after.

What readers are saying:

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Oh the magic that is woven into this story! the romance that blossoms, or should I say explodes, between them is hot and magical!"

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Kiera is scarred, has PTSD and works at Forever Home Animal Shelter as a part of her rehabilitation. When her rescue becomes her love we are treated to a beautiful journey of recovery and moving forward."

Main Tropes

  • Growly, protective cinnamon roll wolf
  • ex military heroine
  • Curvy heroine
  • Challenging old traditions
  • Fairy tale wish fulfillment
  • Fated Mates

Read Chapter One

“Tell me a story.” A slow smile spread across Kiera’s face. The kind of smile that promised I’d be rewarded handsomely for accommodating her request. “Dallas did it for Lyssie last night, and I’d hate to get left out.”

Don’t get me wrong, I was totally on board with that possibility. Kiera was an amazing woman who deserved a worthy mate, and I was interested in applying for that position. She didn’t need a babysitter, but tonight, that’s what I was.

“Our fairy tales aren’t the ones you grew up with.” More like dark and gritty cautionary tales meant as lessons to smarten us up, make us think on all four feet. Kiera beckoned me from a doorway that I assumed led to her bedroom. I wasn’t exactly the big bad wolf, but I couldn’t be trusted to keep my hands to myself in there. “They don’t always have a happy ending.”

 “That’s okay. I want to hear them.” She grabbed my arm and pulled me with her into the unknown. “Don’t spare me the gory details. I can take it. Tell me what it’s like to be a wolf.”

I’d never explained this to a human before. As far as humans in Granger Falls were concerned, werewolves existed in legends only, stories old people would bore their grandkids with about karma. We took care of things human law couldn’t.

And that was why I was here with Kiera tonight.

Kiera climbed on her bed and curled up under the blankets. Gorgeous as always. She never wore makeup, and her brown hair was disheveled, an open invite to run my fingers through it that I always had to turn down. Her lashes cast shadows on her cheeks in the low light. My wolf rumbled inside me. I was starving for this woman’s touch, but the hunger strike had to continue. A little while longer, anyway. She patted the edge of the bed, and her eyes flicked up, bracing herself for rejection.

Get over yourself. She’s going to think you don’t want her. Nothing could be further from the truth. Her bed was too soft as I sat on the very edge. It smelled like a woman--shampoo and fruity body lotion. I swear I could feel her heartbeat, a soft little thump against my soul. My mouth watered. Times like this, my animal twisted around any human desires and made them impossible to ignore.

“This all used to be wolf land,” I started, clearing my throat. “Before the town started to expand, the wolves thrived for centuries. Running, playing, hunting. We were the kings of Sawtooth. Faster than the bears, and more ferocious than the elk and the bison. When the villages popped up, we could protect the residents. They kept our secrets, and we could still stay in the shadows. For some wolves, that was their job—to take care of problems. Others, like my family, kept the peace. We held everyone accountable. The balance worked for centuries. Every wolf had a mate, but unlike some species, we weren’t promised to each other at birth or fated to be together. We actually fell in love with our partners. Once we found our mate, the bond lasted forever.”

Kiera hugged a pillow to her stomach, hanging on every word like I read to her from a thick book of fairy tales. It was pretty close to that now. That way of life didn’t exist in Sawtooth National Forest anymore.

“Do you have a mate?” she asked.


She narrowed her eyes in confusion. “None of you have mates?” It was more of an accusation than a question. “Major’s too bitter to possibly be getting laid on the regular, but you and your brothers…”

Kiera had Major nailed already.

“All male wolves in Sawtooth under the age of forty are single unless their families had enough money to purchase them a mate. All the she-wolves were claimed before they could walk. At least they didn’t get our hopes up, then snatch them away later.” I smiled sadly. “I grew up in a family of four boys with a single mom. My dad passed away when I was ten. I’m sure you don’t need to do the math.”

“If women everywhere knew there was a forest full of eligible bachelors in Idaho, they’d be flocking here by the busload.” Keira’s eyes lit up. We’d like that too, but we’d never claim them. No wolf in the pack had ever taken a human as a mate.

“How is this even possible?” she asked.

“It’s not wolf land anymore.” I lay on my side at foot of the bed, finally letting myself relax. “The town took the land, thinking it belonged to no one. Our prey perished, and we were forced to be more human than animal. Members of the pack died without anyone to replace them. Our system fell apart, and the packs shrank. By some fluke or maybe karma, no one knows, very few she-wolves have been born in the last forty years. The packs started fighting over them, but the wolves who’d been able to transition to human life with the most ease offered their families money for the right to have their sons mate with their daughters.”

“Wow.” Kiera blinked in disbelief. “It’s like Narnia. A whole world in the forest and we’re like clueless on the other side of the wardrobe.” She laughed, scooting closer to me. “Are the females treated like princesses or slaves?”

If Kiera was my mate, there’s no question she’d be my goddess. That’s why she had me on edge. “Somewhere in between. We knew growing up that we wouldn’t have a mate, so women were always forbidden fruit.” Kiera bit her lip and heat rolled off her body. I sat up, stopping myself from having a taste of her. She’d taste like peaches and vanilla. My favorite. “We always wanted what we couldn’t have.”

“You’ve been with a woman, right?”

More than she’d ever want to hear about. We played with human women, but we put our toys away when we were done with them. “Of course.”

She laughed. “Thank God. I’m totally not judging you. But…never mind. Back to the story. Everything you told me sounded like it happened a long time ago. What about now?”

It hadn’t. So much had changed in our lifetimes. Now the little girl wolves were completely segregated. They were all born to wealthy families now, leaving the working class wolves a bunch of lonely, frustrated men. “I can’t tell you that.”

How did she get so close to me? Kiera’s arm brushed against my thigh, big brown eyes unblinking, waiting for me to continue. There was nothing more to say. “Why not?” she asked.

“Because everything’s changing.” That was the whole reason I was here. “And it will never be that way again.”

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