The escort business is back in business, and this time, Zach Collins is in charge.

Scandal destroyed his last agency, and he’s worked too hard to have everything ripped away from him—especially by his best friend, Jagger Holiday. Trust doesn’t come easily to Zach, so he knows how important it is to his clients.

When a fiery redhead named Shannon turns Jagger’s new art gallery around, Zach is desperate for her help. He can give a woman anything she wants, but he’s got no idea how to run a business. Except Shannon’s not interested in his money. He’s got much more to give her than that. Zach’s never fallen for a client before, but for the agency to succeed, he’s willing to break all his rules.


Don’t miss the next installment of the Cirque Macabre series! Balance is a lie, and good and evil rely on each other to survive. But how much is too much? To defeat Gabriel and save Las Vegas, Holly must push her powers to the absolute limit. Even if it means changing the course of vampire history. Full blurb coming soon.

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