You are my favorite deadly sin.

Queen of the Night Time World

Holly never believed she’d lose Rainey, until she did. Rainey has failed her mission on earth, and the creature who sent her wants her back. 
Holly refuses to accept it. Rainey is the balance that keeps the universe in check—good and evil, sin and desire, dark and light. Without her, the vampires in Vegas will drag the city straight into darkness, and Holly will fall with them. 
The fate of the city depends on Rainey, and Holly must convince the vampires that without her, not even their immortality will save them. Because even in the depths of the Las Vegas underworld, love is stronger than evil, and light is more powerful than darkness. 

Coming soon!

Do you have what it takes to be a Real Werewife?

Sebastian Connall spent the last seven years running—from his twin brother, who kicked him out of his pack, from his wolf, and toward his chance to play football at the professional level. He thought his chance at having a destined mate disappeared when he lost his pack until a quirky travel blogger awakens his wolf.
Naomi Hart has her own agenda, and it’s not to hook up with a football player. An all-expenses-paid trip to Alaska is a golden opportunity for her travel blog. But when a smokin’ hot werewolf with amber eyes and a chequered past approaches her at the Real Werewife party, she’ll reconsider her commitment-phobe ways.
Love is the one game Sebastian doesn't know how to play. And his brother won't play by pack rules. He already gave Sebastian one chance to leave Alaska alive. But this time, win or lose, Sebastian is done running.

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