We’ve got a book birthday in the house! The storyline with Callie, Tristan and Blade, as well as Melanie, Ryder, and Soul Divider is now complete with the release of We Own the Night. If you’ve been waiting on this series because you want to binge read—now’s the time!

The Night Songs Collection is urban fantasy, but this one does include a HEA.

Keep reading for an excerpt!

We Own the Night by Kristen Strassel

We Own the Night

The Las Vegas vampire clan is on the verge of chaos. Our leader is dead—the permanent kind, a bloodthirsty vampire is on the loose, and it’s all my fault.

The only vampire who has any idea how to fix it is Cash Logan, a magician shrouded in mystery. I’m not sure what side he’s on, but I have to take a chance on the only vampire who’s willing to give the answers I need, no matter how dark and frightening they may be.

To prove I’m worthy of being a leader, I have to take on the person I betrayed and destroy him.

Amazon: http://amzn.to/2ntewTY
Nook: http://bit.ly/2ooHmTR
iBooks: http://apple.co/2na11VD
Kobo: http://bit.ly/2q4FUd2

Here’s a sneak peek!

Headlights were coming straight for me, and I jumped as high as I could, landing on the hood of a red sports car. I held onto the windshield wipers to not be thrown off as the driver skidded to a stop.

Cash Logan pushed his dark glasses on top of his head when he got out of the car. He had the nerve to laugh as he offered me a hand. “Hello, Mistress.”

“You drive like a frigging maniac,” I spat as I climbed off the car. “And don’t call me that.”

He jerked my body close enough so his long hair tangled in mine. “If you want people to start treating you like a leader, accept what you are.”

A much blunter version of what Tristan had said to me inside the bar. I’d learned my lesson, and I wouldn’t fight with Cash. I only had one chance to get things right with him.

I understood why Lennon had a thing for him. Something about him truly was magical.

“I can help you, Callie.”

His words snapped me out of my daze. “What do you want from me?”

“I haven’t decided yet. But I know exactly who to ask when I need a favor.”

I wasn’t sure I wanted to know what a Cash Logan favor looked like. It wasn’t only magic that swirled around him. Magic was open for debate. He had power, and no one could argue with that.

Tristan revved the engine again. “Your creator is waiting for you,” Cash said.

“I know.”

“I like him.” Cash tipped his head toward the Viper. “This comes easily to him, and that’s why they all hate him. He’s meant for this, and so are you.”

“I’m not.” It wasn’t dangerous to admit my shortcomings. Cash knew them all. Vampires were lousy at keeping secrets.

“Nobody wants to help you because they’re afraid of you. You have something they don’t. That’s why they’re trying to keep you down. Focus on their energy, and you’ll figure out your advantage.”

“And you’re not trying to take advantage of me?”

“No.” Only a true magician could help me succeed.

Tristan leaned on the horn of the Viper. I really wanted to give him the finger. “I have to go clean up that mess.”

Cash grinned. “Don’t let them hold you down, Callie.”

Silent Night, Book 4 of the Night Songs Collection will be coming in May!

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The Night Songs rerelease continues with Night Moves! This is Melanie and Ryder’s story. And if you’re saying, WTF Kristen, you left us totally hanging with Callie in that office, and you want us to read someone else’s story. Yes, I do. 🙂 Melanie, Ryder, and Soul Divider figure prominently into the rest of Callie’s story, and this is the best time to meet them.

This story was so fun to write because we meet Soul Divider on tour. One of my bucket list items is to randomly drive around the country, stirring up trouble, and then driving off into the sunset. Melanie and her best friend Erin get to do just that.

You may know that I based Immortal Dilemma on Motley Crue. Think Bon Jovi and Slaughter for Soul Divider.

Enjoy the book! We Own the Night is coming in 12 days!

Night Moves

We bonded in darkness, over darkness.
I let my stupid job ruin everything—my social life was non-existent and my boyfriend was practically a stranger. I shouldn’t have been surprised when I came home to find him exploring other options—blonder, bustier options—but instead I made the biggest mistake of my life.
Now I’m on the run. And I happened to find my favorite rock band, Soul Divider, at some middle of nowhere motel. I’d fantasized about Ryder Maddox playing me like his favorite guitar so many times, and now he’s invited me on tour.
But Ryder and the rest of the band have a secret of their own. They traded their mortality for another chance at fame.
Ryder might have forever, but as the bodies pile up in the wake of the tour, I wonder how long until I’m next.
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I’ve been deep in the writing cave this winter and I’m super excited to share what I’ve been working on! I’ve completely revamped The Night Songs Collection. The whole series got gorgeous new covers and a complete rewrite. The plot points of the story are the same, but the narration is all new.

Sex, blood, and rock n’ roll.

Immortal Dilemma is the hottest show on the Las Vegas Strip, and Tristan Trevosier is their biggest star. But to me, he’s the guy who broke my heart and then showed up on stage claiming to be a vampire.

Now I fear it might be true.
The true darkness of Tristan’s world terrifies me, but when I end up chasing after a vampire, dating his enemy, and getting hunted by his creator, I realize the only person who will get me into trouble—is me.

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I’ve teamed up with an amazing group of authors to bring you a group of standalone stories that all revolve around the same concept: Find your mate by the Blood Moon or turn mortal.

Easier said than done, of course.  The mates are off-limits, dispised, and otherwise not into the whole happily-ever-after thing. Or so they think.

Meet Avila and Asher in FIRE BRAND:


Pirates have made an absolute fool out of me. After a violent invasion, I lost my crown and control of The Bay. My fellow sirens have vowed to take our invaders out one by one, luring them to their death with the one thing they can’t resist—sex. But I want to drive those bastards to their knees. I must form an alliance with the King of Chronopolis, the only man who can survive the night in my bed—phoenix shifter Asher MacKay.
Asher insists he loses a little bit of his humanity every time he spends the night with me. I think ruthless looks good on him. And each night I set his ashes free, I feel something more for him. Damn it. Falling in love was not part of the plan.
Now that the pirates have checked The Bay off their list of Things to Destroy, they’ve turned their sights to Chronopolis. Asher must choose a Queen that will strengthen his alliances in the region, and apparently, I’m not an option. I have a proven track record of failure.
I’ve woken up with the hangover from hell and a fire tattoo on my wrist that tells me what I’ve known all along. Asher and I are meant to be together. The clock is ticking—if we have any chance of saving our cities, I must convince him I am his Queen before the Blood Moon.

Coming December 6, 2016
Preorder for the special introductory price now!
Check out the first chapter here.
Download The Challenge, the introductory story, as well as exclusive excerpts from the other stories here. 

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And man, I’ve got some work to do.


Hi!  I missed you guys. If you thought I disappeared sometime around mid-July, you’re right. I took on a project that I don’t usually do: I agreed to be the key makeup artist on a feature film. Most times, I either help out on the bigger days (think a wedding scene) on a movie and help with background actors, or I work projects that begin and end in less than a week. Five weeks for me is like an eternity.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with movie work: it’s not a 9-5 job. it’s more like a 5 AM to 10 PM job. On Monday, anyway.  By Friday, we’ve slid into a 4PM to 7 AM schedule. We’re on location, often outside or in cramped quarters. We sweat our balls off in the summer and freeze in the winter. And we have to lug a good portion of our equipment with us to make changes if the director requests. (“I don’t have it” is not an acceptable answer, so it better be in our set bags.) That’s the bad stuff. The good stuff is that it gives me the creativity and variety I need, I have more time off between projects, and I’d rather do this than a traditional job.  I can’t do a traditional job. I’m like a bull in a china shop.

The movie shot close to home, so I was able to keep up with finishing Ties That Bind and getting the Not Exactly A Stepbrother Romance books ready for prime time.

Then I got asked to do another one.

The obvious answer was yes. Money, benefits (I earn health insurance and retirement benefits by the day worked)…but what about my books?

I made it work once, I could do it again. Right? But this movie filmed north of Boston, which added a killer commute to the 14-16 hour working day. Some nights I couldn’t even come home, I was too tired for the drive. It wasn’t the drive home that I was worried about, it was the ride there, through rush hour traffic. It takes many coffees for me to wake up.

On the weekends I was so braindead all I could manage was a couple of loads of laundry and a little bit of food buying. Maybe a couple hundred words, if I was lucky. If you look at my social media, you’ll notice things seem to die off at the end of August. That’s when I started movie #2.

I’ll need to figure out how to balance both worlds the next time I take on a bigger project.

But in the meantime, I’m back to what I’ve always done, smaller projects and lots of writing. I’ll be catching up on all the things I missed while I was in movie land.

I’ve got some exciting new projects coming, as well as some changes to how I do things.

It’s going to be a great winter, and I’m glad you’re here with me.



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There’s nothing I love more than a little day trip in the name of research!  Dirty Little Secret (originally Work For It) took over my life last summer for a couple weeks. Once Gemma and Bret materialized in my head, they refused to be ignored until I told every bit of their story. I chose Newport, Rhode Island for the setting because I wanted something that I was familiar with that I hadn’t used in a book before. Once the story came to light, Newport was perfect place.

I’m only about an hour away, so I’ve already been to Newport many times, and I’m in the Providence area quite often. I felt like I had enough of a working knowledge to write the book. I’d already established Gemma working at Roger Williams Zoo, as well as the scenes with boat.  But I decided to take a trip to both, just to make sure I had all my details perfect.

Good thing I went.

The original draft of the story talked a lot about lions. What zoo doesn’t have lions?  That’s right, Roger Williams. At least at the time I visited.  I changed any lion parts to giraffes and other animals. I also learned a ton about elephants and how to take care of them from my visit.

Enjoying a drink.

Enjoying a drink.

It was midday when I visited the elephants, and they were inside to get away from the hot sun. It was bathtime, as you can see from the elephant in the back.

It was midday when I visited the elephants, and they were inside to get away from the hot sun. It was bathtime, as you can see from the elephant in the back.

Newport isn’t a huge town, so when I found the Yachting Center online, I figured that had to be the one near Thames Street and America’s Cup Avenue in the center of town. At least I’m consistent!  The place I was thinking of is the Marina. I almost kept it as I had it, but there was no way that Nikki and Matt would’ve walked that far to go to the Blues Club. Especially after drinking all day long.



20150709_135727I was batting a thousand with my Newport assumptions.  I claimed there was an alley on the side of the Blues Club. Nope. But it does have a sidewalk with a parking lot behind it.

20150709_141650So it was a day well spent. I immediately made the changes to the story when I got home. It was cool to do the research after I wrote the book because I knew exactly what I was looking for.

When I wrote Exposed, I set in Nashville with a purpose. You know, research. Since one of my best friends moved down there a few years ago, I thought it was the perfect time to make another visit. Sorry, Leigh. I have yet to make it down there again, so I had to shy away from using real places. I’m coming. I promise.  Something tells me Gemma and Bret will have more to say. They’re good like that.

Haven’t read Dirty Little Secret yet? Grab it here.
Been dying to get your hands on Exposed?  It’s available August 26! 

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Finally! The follow-up to No Strings Attached is coming. I heard all of you, wanting more Leah and Jagger. I agreed. The response to NSA has been overwhelming, and I love all the messages I’ve received about these two. I wanted to give my male escort and my divorced mom of a teenager someone they each could come home to.

In Wrapped Around My Finger, they’re making a go of it as a couple. But nothing good comes easy.

Wrapped Half Size Cover

Jagger’s broken all of his rules to be with Leah. There’s no way he can keep working as a male escort now that he’s fallen in love. And if he wants to keep her, he needs to stop making excuses and prove he’s more than just amazing in bed.

Everyone warns Leah that it will never work with Jagger. A guy like him isn’t cut out for a real relationship. She’s spent her life taking care of everybody else, and now it’s her turn to get what she wants.

Leah knows that Jagger’s raw artistic talent is exactly what her new restoration show needs to be a success. But when a scandal threatens to ruin everything she’s worked so hard for, Jagger wonders if he’s made a mistake thinking he can be anything but an escort.

Money can buy love, but no one can have it all.

Preorder now!
Amazon US: http://amzn.to/29462Np
Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/294PCRg
Amazon AU: http://amzn.to/29c6RDl
Amazon CA: http://amzn.to/29rbIyd
iBooks: http://apple.co/29rbSFH
Kobo: http://bit.ly/296XH8W

Here’s a sneak peek!

“Should we dress up?” I asked once the wine was poured. Salsa seemed like something that shouldn’t be done in jeans and socks.
Jagger shook his head. “How do you listen to music? Do you have an iPod dock?”
“I do some epic karaoke when I drive, but I usually don’t listen to it in the house.” It hurt my heart to admit that.
“Really? You don’t listen to music when you work? I’m way more creative if I have something in the background.”
“I never tried it.” All I had was my laptop. The sound quality sucked, but it didn’t matter. “I miss my boom box and my towers of tapes and CDs. Music used to be an event, and now I’ve kind of forgotten about it.”
“Make it an event again.” Jagger pulled his laptop out of his bag. I watched over his shoulder as he put together a playlist from his collection. The image of him listening to Salsa music on a hot Miami night as he worked on his photos made everything inside me throb. Every time I thought this man couldn’t get any sexier, he proved me wrong. “I’ll load these songs on your computer if you promise you’ll think of me when you listen to them.”
I wished I could keep him in Washington with me. Jagger had a life in Miami, and just as I wasn’t willing to start over, it wasn’t fair for me to ask him to. But a girl could dream.
“I’ll do more than that. But you’ve got to teach me how to move to them first. So I can practice.” I got up when the horns started playing and held my hand out to him.
Jagger took it, lacing his fingers in mine, and put his other hand on my back. “Everything is an eight count. If I step forward, you step back. Start with your right foot.”
One foot in front of the other. It should’ve been easy. But between counting, anticipating the next move, and being completely distracted by Jagger, I kept stepping on his feet.
“Relax.” Jagger laughed, and I tried not to let my frustration show. I needed more wine. “I know you can move. Pretend we’re in bed.”
I pressed my lips together. “Like I can think of anything else.”
“Me neither,” he said against my ear, and I missed another step. “But we’re not fucking until you get this.”
My jaw dropped. “You’re punishing me for having two left feet?”
“More like rewarding you for good behavior. Think of it that way.”
I had the Tipsy White Lady at the Bar dance nailed. Why was this so hard? I gripped his hand, steeling myself to start again. This time, Jagger counted the steps out loud, and I could concentrate on the way our bodies moved together. He wasn’t satisfied until I made it through a whole song without stepping on him.
“That can’t be it.” It was too easy. “What about the hip stuff?”
“Nail the feet first, then add the hips,” he said. This was going to take all night. “Ready for the next step?”
Jagger taught me how to twirl and cross over. The next steps came easier; they weren’t so backward from what he was doing. I started anticipating his next move, following him until we circled the living room.
His body moved effortlessly, like it was part of the song.
“I’m ready for the hip stuff now,” I said when he spun me into his chest. It was kind of a crash landing; I didn’t have everything perfect yet.
“So am I.” Jagger’s hands fell to my hips. Our gazes locked, and no one had to tell me to roll my hips. His hands guided the motion. I rolled them like I did in bed. I had no idea if this was proper Salsa protocol. My partner didn’t complain.
Our lips gravitated to one another, the rhythm of the kiss complementing the movement of my hips. Jagger moved with me, just like the dance. Forward. Back. Round and round. His tongue a firm guide, just like his hands. We’d moved like this many times before, but we usually weren’t dressed, or standing.
“I’m ready for something else.” He stopped dancing. The room still spun around me. “I think you learned your lesson.”

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